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Calluna – Anti-stress food supplement

Helps with stress, panic attacks, upset nerves and insomnia.

39.00 BGN

Flu Master – Anti-influenza product

The strong antiviral and antiseptic action of Yarrow destroys bacteria and viruses.

36.00 BGN

Honeysuckle – Immunomodulator

Supports the production of immune cells and the normal functioning of the immune system.

110.00 BGN

yeast bioda

Levurda – Caring for the heart

It has a vasodilating effect and lowers bad cholesterol.

39.00 BGN

Lung Protect – Lung Care

The combination of 4 alpine herbs and ginger favors lung cleansing.

38.00 BGN

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What our customers say

Since I ordered Calluna from BioDa, I feel more relaxed, I have reduced stress and I have started to sleep better. I have improved my quality of life with this food supplement.

Stefania Nikolova

For many years I had a problem with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I bought Bears Garlic and already feel better.

Anton Marinov

Last winter I bought a Flu Master. It helped me not to get sick. This season I will repeat the therapy.

Valeria Ivanova

I used the Lung Protect supplement as a concomitant treatment while I was ill with Covid-19. My recovery was successful. Good luck to all.

Daniel Spasov