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Mountain Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle /Lonicera japonica/

Widely known as Japanese honeysuckle, it is a deciduous, braided vine native to East Asia – North and East China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Description of the plant:
Honeysuckle (Japanese honeysuckle) are semi-deciduous to evergreen lianas that occur in wetlands, open and shady areas, moist sclerophilous forest, riparian vegetation, river and waterway edges, warm temperate rainforests, wasteland, seepage, limestone meadows, bushes, thickets, parks, gardens and edges of yards.

The chemical composition of the herb includes the following substances:

Saponins, tannins, essential oil, vitamin E, carotene, glycoalkaloids.

It was not the thorn that bent towards the honeysuckle, but the honeysuckle that encircled the thorn.

Emily Bronte

Health benefits of honeysuckle (Japanese honeysuckle)

Honeysuckle and its derivatives are known to have wonderful healing benefits and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since time immemorial.

  • Headache relief

Honeysuckle consists of an abundance of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which is very useful in the treatment of severe headaches. Helps to naturally relieve headaches.
Hassle-free digestive system
Honeysuckle flower buds are quite useful in the treatment of various digestive problems. It is also very effective in treating various intestinal infections due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Relieves the symptoms of flu and the common cold

Honeysuckle tea is very useful for the flu or the common cold. If you get a sore throat or headache, add a little honey to honeysuckle tea and drink it several times a day and you will feel much better.

  • Relieves nausea

Honeysuckle tea is very effective for patients with hepatitis C, as it helps to reduce the irritating feeling of nausea and vomiting.


  • Reduces pressure in the brain

Brain edema, also known as cerebral edema, high intracranial pressure, or cerebral edema, can occur for many reasons, such as injury or illness. It is very dangerous because it stops the brain from functioning properly and this can lead to many complications. Honeysuckle is known as a natural remedy for brain swelling, but for serious problems it is best to contact a doctor.

  • Helps against the flu

The good news is that honeysuckle is known to effectively fight the flu and keep germs at bay.

  • Skin care benefits

Honeysuckle can be used to treat skin rashes, such as poison oak, cuts and abrasions on the skin.

  • Anti-aging

The flower is also another choice to avoid the early symptoms of aging. The flower is also another choice to avoid the early symptoms of aging. It will also result in a younger looking face and body.

  • Respiratory and bactericidal benefits

Honeysuckle should be an expectorant. Honeysuckle can also be used to treat upper respiratory tract infections and asthma.

  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels

High and low blood sugar are very common nowadays and this is something that most people ignore, but it can become a serious health problem. High blood sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, and low blood sugar can also become a dangerous condition if left untreated.

  • Anticancer effect

Some believe that the flower has the ability to act anti-cancer. Some people use it and hope that it can interrupt the nutrition of cancer cells and promote the growth of good cells.

  • Refreshes the breath

Several parts of the herb honeysuckle are used in the preparation of various mouthwashes. The astringent properties of this herb are responsible for giving this soothing effect to your mouth. The antibacterial properties of this herb can work well to treat sore throats and other problems.

  • Relief from viral and bacterial infections

You can get relief from various diseases due to bacterial effects by consuming honeysuckle in the right amount. It can help reduce infections responsible for diseases such as tuberculosis, streptococcus, salmonella and others. So, taking honeysuckle extract is important to stay healthy.

  • Helps against pain in the small intestine

Digestion is an important part of our daily lives. People suffering from digestive disorders are subjected to a lot of physical and psychological stress. Due to its healing properties, honeysuckle can help against a number of digestive diseases that include bloating and pain in the small intestine (known as enteritis). It can also help treat dysentery.

  • Against insomnia

Consuming the extract can help people with insomnia symptoms. That is why it is good to consume before bed for optimal and better sleep.

  • Detoxification

Frequent consumption of honeysuckle herb can help keep your liver clean. It can detoxify the internal organs of the human body. Honeysuckle herb extract can help you get rid of the environmental impact. Detoxification of the internal organs is necessary and can help well by taking the extract of the herbs honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle is used in Chinese medicine to treat conditions such as fever. The plant is also used to lower blood pressure. Honeysuckle dissipates heat and detoxifies and is good for treating rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, dysentery and hemorrhoids.