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Terms and conditions

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GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USING OUR SERVICE is an electronic store for food supplements. The legal entity performing the obligations is DZIT INTERNATIONAL EOOD with UIC 200306522, called for short supplier (supplier). Our general terms and conditions govern the relationship between the provider and the customer of our service.

Supplier details
UIC: 200306522 Complaints on tel. + 359 885 144 333 or email

Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Bvd, 1592,, Boulevard “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov” 2
tel: (02) 9153 518
Consumer Protection Commission
Address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, 3rd, 4th and 6th floors,
tel: 0700 111 22
Subject and definition of the General Terms

The “site” is – an e-commerce website through which consumers (buyers) can buy the goods sold, according to those published in the same conditions.

“User (s)” or “buyer (s)” are / are any natural or legal person who is a visitor and / or user of the Site.

“Order” is an individual request for the purchase of the selected product (s). The order is an action on the part of the user, at his own choice and binds him with the force of a contract between him and the site / provider.

“Order value” is the total value of the order made by the user. The value of the order also includes the transport costs, which are described by the partner – supplier of the trader at the end of the order form on the site.

Rights and obligations of the supplier and the consumer

The trader has the right to change the prices of the goods offered on the site at its discretion without prior notice.
The trader has an obligation to package and deliver the exact product selected by the consumer, showing him in advance, on his website, the main characteristics of the product.
The user is obliged to provide complete and correct information for delivery and issuance of a reporting document
The consumer is obliged, when placing an order, to pay the price of the ordered goods and delivery costs to the address specified by him.
The consumer is obliged to provide an opportunity to receive the goods at the address specified by him. If the User does not provide an opportunity to receive the goods, the subsequent delivery costs will be borne by the consumer.

Orders and delivery

Orders received by 14:00 on a business day are processed on the same day. Orders received by 14:00 on a business day are processed on the same day. Consumer orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays are shipped on the first following business day. After receiving an order, a representative of the trader will contact you at the details specified in the order to confirm the order.

The delivery time for the whole territory of Bulgaria is up to 3 (three) working days. Some of the products we offer have a longer production time. In this case, it is explicitly mentioned in the product description and enters the delivery deadline in one with the courier’s schedule.
In case of untimely delivery, the trader does not owe a penalty to the consumer, and the latter, in turn, reserves the right to refuse the order.

Right of withdrawal

The consumer has the right, without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods and return it, and the money for it will be returned to the specified (in the return form) a bank account only if the purchased goods are unprinted and in undamaged commercial form. For this purpose, it is necessary for the user to contact the supplier of the telephone numbers listed on the site and to arrange the return of the goods. Once agreed, the customer prints and fills out a return form (according to a sample), attaches it to a shipment with the goods he does not want, as well as the original courier documents for delivery at purchase and sends it at his expense to the merchant. Please do not return the shipment by cash on delivery!
Return form
The right in point 4.1 does not apply when the goods ordered from the site have a damaged commercial appearance and / or printed packaging.


Payment for the orders made is made in cash with cash on delivery to the courier who made the delivery, without additional fees other than the specified final value of the order and delivery.


In case the consumer receives the goods in a form not corresponding to the description on the site, or the trader has delivered another product other than the ordered one, the consumer has the right to request a complaint.
In case of non-compliance with the description, the trader will bring the order in accordance with the selection on the site at his expense.
The bringing of the consumer goods in accordance with the sales contract must be done within one month from the filing of the complaint by the consumer.

Final provisions

The Merchant may make changes to these General Terms and Conditions and the prices of its products without notice and at any time. Before placing your order, please make sure that you have read all the provisions of these general terms and conditions.
These Terms and Conditions include our data privacy policies
In the event of a dispute related to an online purchase on our site, you may contact the relevant Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) authorities or use the Online Dispute Resolution (OPC) site.