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за нас биода

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BioDa BG – the company whose priority is pure, natural, bio-vegan products. Suitable for everyone, created exclusively and only with herbs from our rich nature. Selected by the greatest, proven professionals in the industry. The temperate climate and the geographical location are favorable for the thousands of types of medicinal herbs growing on the territory of our country – Bulgaria.

Closely connected man and nature, from our ancestors to the present day, continue to go hand in hand. Herbs have always been part of our daily lives, relying on their healing properties, people in ancient times managed to save their lives.

After many analyzes, studies, and consultations, we also strive to offer only the best of their healing properties.

What makes our products special is the place where the herbs are collected – high in the mountain ranges of Stara Planina, hidden in their natural habitat with an altitude of over 1400 m. The company started its activities in 2001 and established itself as a leader in the Bulgarian market.

Constantly improving, its main goal is to satisfy the whims of the most demanding customer and offer the best on the market. We are proud that the football legend Hristo Stoichkov chose exactly our products.

BioDaBG products – the right formula for a healthy lifestyle.

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Ingredients in food supplements

The ingredients used in the capsules aim to improve your health and fitness.

Herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals are used in the making of each capsule.

  • Herbs 80% 80%
  • Vitamins 14% 14%
  • Minerals 5% 5%
  • Fillers 1% 1%
We strictly monitor the quality of the product

Analyzes are made during the three stages of processing the herbs.

After collection

Analyzes are made during the three stages of processing the herbs.

After drying
Drying is carried out in drying rooms at a certain temperature in order to preserve the quality of the herb.
After extraction
The extraction is performed from the herb in its purest form.


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We work with the best companies for a healthy and quality life.